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hi. This is styx. (@sirocyl here!)

We're working on making Linux less hellish, despite the name - we're going through hell so you don't have to. We've got an RFC track going with ideas as to what makes styx "styx", and hopefully those ideas ... sticks? right ok anyway

I'll be opening a blog here, and mirroring it to our not-very-secret website in the coming whenevers, to host RFCs, progress reports, poll for ideas and the like.

styx is a project borne of frustration. the parent post, is only the tip of the iceberg; some of us on the styx project are 20+ year Linux and UNIX veterans, and newcomers alike; and we all have had our own headaches with the system.

We just want you to be able to use the computer without fighting it. That's all.


i just wanna note that i'm an unwilling mac user for work and i absolutely fret about windowmanager (because sometimes it just freezes and then i have to plug in/unplug an external monitor or shut and reopen the lid (because when the display geometry changes, windowserver is restarted, which is why any change to your displays causes the screen to fade to black) before the system watchdog notices how not alive windowmanager is and logs me out, losing all my work)

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